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 "The Banderwhal Purchasing Model" 

Simple, Reliable and Profitable

Banderwhal LLC. will purchase any existing  company that has a product that can be marketed world wide and a sample or prototype of that product. If the product and company meets our criteria we are very interested in discussing the purchase possibilities.   

No one creates a product with the idea that they will only sell a few of the product that they have created. They believe that the product has great market appeal.  Some inventors have spent years getting a prototype ready for market only find that they cannot get financing to move forward.

If your problem is the inability to obtain financial help in getting your product off the ground or are unable to expand because of lack of capital, Banderwhal LLC can provide the answer.

We prefer. but do not require that the company is Humanitarian in nature and has a product that will provide jobs, improve the environment, improve peoples lives and is green in its usage or any product that will decrease dependency on fossel fuels.

Basically, we are most interested in the purchase of the intellectual capital of a company, in the form of the Knowledge and Skill that is present within that company.

We are focusing our efforts on Sellers who have a strong desire to continue with their company and want to keep more real cash from the sale of their businesses than they would through standard or traditional buyer methods.  We can do this because of our Companies quality Executives, Staff and Consultants. Our Company has the knowledge and skills to structure all types of manufacturing companies and make them profitable and can assist in developing and introducing new product expansion and marketing programs if this activity is needed. We do this with the current Owner still at the helm as if nothing has changed or the current owner has someone designated to take his place within the company.

If you are selling your company for all the wrong reasons, such as frustration with all the headaches, working long hours, not having fun anymore, or just plain burned out, we want to work with you to change all of that.  If your company can meet our buying criteria then please contact us today and we will begin the process of purchasing your company ASAP.


    Banderwhal LLC

    14 Earle Street
    Lisbon Falls, Maine 04252
    Phone: 207-353-2740